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Linen Revival

embroidery fashion details linen mens linenwear sewing sewing ideas sustainable fabric

Linen is an ancient friend dating to 4000BC, when in Egypt it symbolised light and purity. No wonder, since it allows the skin to breathe. On a hot day linen draws perspiration away from the skin and dries quickly, so you never get fabric sticking. In winter, heavy weight linens layered with wool add warmth without generating electrostatic shocks. Sure this comes for the price of creasing. However, linen's other virtues - natural, sustainable, unisex, dyeable, comes in tissue and canvas weight, is versatile and a treat to sew - make this old friend worth reviving.

Embroider or appliqué on mid to heavy weight linens.                                               

Simple designs with small details - pleats, cotton lace anglaise & coloured thread. 

Mix different weight linens. Tissue weight top with heavy bottoms.

Uber cool linen menswear...shirts & drawstring pants.                        

Lace & Whimsy

lace sewing

Lace & its many applications - embellishment, a panel, a full garment, outer garment. Suitable for any time...any whim.

Pictures: catwalk archive, 2016 Spring Ready-to-Wear & Ukrainian Fashion Week


Sewing with stripes

sewing stripes

Stripes are a die-hard faithful without being boring. Pleated, gathered, mixed-&-matched and twisted they can hug the body in sassy directions and make playful configurations. 

Pictures: Catwalk's archive sourced over the last few season from & vintage ebay shops


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