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In the 70s, a timber merchant grandfather and French couturier in Broken Hill were an inspiring backbone.
Way before Catwalk Fabrics, Lis Moritz found an affinity for business when working for her astute grandfather, and a passion for fashion at Mademoiselle Gray’s tiny studio in the main street. Donning cutting-edge couture, with, in her grandfather’s eyes, rebellious undertones, Lis graduated to owning a weaving and ceramic business.
A pilgrimage to London’s fashion scene followed, exciting Lis to study design, patternmaking, tailoring and textiles. In particular, the science that metamorphoses plants and animal fleeces into fabrics, or bolts of beautiful tactile imaginings, captured Lis.
16 years ago, Lis morphed an Adelaide deli shop front into Catwalk Fabrics. Today, loyal fabric connoisseurs, fashionistas and savvy dressmakers tell her that Catwalk Fabrics is a much-loved shopping experience.


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