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Artemis Jean Muir’s Star Pupil     0414 521 593

Artemis’ immaculately fitted creations are as revered as the goddess Artemis was in ancient Greece. Making beautiful garments is Artemis’ vocation. It began at age 6, in Greece, when according to family custom she learnt embroidery. As her small hands stitched, her lifelong love for fabric and colour was born.

As a teenager, Artemis defined her personal style by sewing basic garments under her aunt’s guiding eye. Then, she packed her homemade clothes and found herself lucky enough to be living in London, at a time when the fashion industry vibrated vibrancy and training opportunities were in abundance.

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Artemis worked her way up from fast production garments to couture work at "Jean Muir", where for 10 years she oversaw special orders.

Here in Australia, Artemis makes high-end made to measure bridal, evening or day wear. She designs, pattern makes, constructs and meticulously fits garments. With every client, Artemis adopts Miss Muir's motto: "There are well made garments and beautifully made garments.” Artemis wants all her garments to be "beautifully made" because it encapsulates all that she loves about fashion.




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